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About Portfolio Solutions®

Portfolio Solutions® has been offering investors a low-cost, low-fee investment management solution since 1999, now grown to more than $1.3 billion* in client investment assets under management. Our long-standing and enduring commitment to indexing strategies has helped to establish our outstanding reputation.

Meet the Team

Our mission statement

The mission of Portfolio Solutions® is to help secure your financial future by providing more for less. We want to help you achieve confidence in meeting your financial goals with our low-cost investment strategies and our dedicated portfolio management services.

Examples of how we:

Help secure your financial future:
  • Fiduciary responsibility to place client interests ahead of our own
  • Third party qualified custodian to safeguard all client assets
  • Portfolios effectively diversified to spread risk across up to 10 asset classes comprised of more than 27,000 securities
  • Asset allocation decisions designed to take the lowest amount of risk necessary to meet client long-term financial objectives
  • Portfolio rebalancing to automate the process of “buying low and selling high” without emotional delays
  • A fixed investment strategy that does not change unless financial circumstances change
  • Portfolio management that keeps more client money working at all times by minimizing cash balances
Provide more:
  • More depth – a dedicated investment specialist and backup team for all clients
  • More depth – a dedicated client service specialist and backup team for all clients
  • More capability, no outsourcing – team of 2 portfolio management professionals on staff
  • More experience – 3 Certified Financial Planners, 2 Chartered Financial Analysts, 5 Master’s Degree holders, a CPA, and an attorney/former FBI Special Agent
  • Monitoring – daily portfolio review and rebalancing when necessary for all clients
  • More cash flow management – to optimize idle cash and earn returns of the market
  • More time for clients to live life compared to Do It Yourself investment management
  • More discipline to stay on track, supported by your ConfidenceMap®
  • More access to institutional share classes
For less:
  • Less risk – asset allocations designed for least amount of risk while meeting long-term investment goals
  • Less complexity – streamlined portfolios, organized by taxable and retirement account types, to simplify management and administration
  • Less trades – rebalancing strategies designed to minimize trading costs
  • Less portfolio fund costs (0.12% to 0.17% compared to 1% or more charged by typical funds)
  • Less management fees (0.37%, which is about 1/3 of the cost charged by almost all other money managers who charge 1% or much more)

Portfolio Solutions At A Glance

Corporate Headquarters

Troy, Michigan



Total Client Assets Under Management

More than $1.3 billion*

Number of Employees


SEC Registration

Portfolio Solutions® is registered and regulated by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commision (SEC)



Mailing Address

900 Wilshire Dr, Suite 200
Troy, MI 48084

*As of 02/27/14