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Whether a perceived threat is real or not, fear can cloud judgment and adversely affect decision making. Left unchecked, fear can make difficult situations worse – in a fight against a pandemic or in your portfolio.

The United States is on high alert over the threat of Ebola after a Liberian visitor died from the hemorrhagic fever and infected two nurses in Dallas. Still, the risk of contracting Ebola in the U.S. is very low according to the Centers for Disease Control.

That hasn’t...

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The transition into retirement should be a carefree event. After all, you’ve spent a long career doggedly saving and investing to meet your future financial goals. However, as you near retirement, you may look at the money you’ve accumulated and wonder, Now what do I do with it? Namely, how do you appropriately fund your desired retirement and not outlive your money?

This transition toward drawing down your savings is commonly referred to as decumulation. Join Gary Brancaleone,...

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The second of a two-part blog series. Read Part I here.

What can you do to avoid falling victim to the temptations of the The 7 Financial Sins in Retirement? Follow the G.R.A.N.D.P.A. Rules to atone for them.

Get a plan.

A plan is essential for a successful retirement. Mapping out everything from where to live to everyday...

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The first of a two-part blog series

Since antiquity, humans have consulted memorable enumerations to help guide their behavior. One of the oldest and most famous is the seven deadly sins – made popular in art, literature and pop culture, from Dante’s Divine Comedy to the movie Seven. What makes them so unforgettable and effective is that they are meant to serve as directions down the road to eternal damnation.

The seven deadly sins are also known as the capital vices. Understanding how they have become enrooted in people’s psyches can be helpful...

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Married couples are expected to share everything – money, household chores, even each other’s personal thoughts.

In retirement, couples typically combine their savings into one investment portfolio to help fund their financial goals. Unfortunately, they do not always share the responsibility and investment knowledge needed to properly manage that portfolio. One partner may be disinterested in all things financial. Or, one partner may feel it dutiful to manage their investments on his or her own.

If you’re solely in charge of investing, your spouse could be dangerously...

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Portfolio rebalancing is commonly mentioned in the financial media and among investors. Do you think you could explain it at a cocktail party? If you try, expect odd looks as you explain a strategy of selling some of your best performing assets and buying more of your underperforming assets. Rebalancing may seem counterintuitive, but it is an unemotional way of restoring the specific asset allocation designed for your desired level of risk and long-term financial goals.

Tony Watson, Chief Investment Officer at Portfolio Solutions®, helps you explore the topic of portfolio...

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“The question is, when is active management good?
The answer is ‘Never.’”
Eugene Fama, Morningstar ETF Conference
on September 18, 2014

English philosopher Thomas Hobbes suggested that good and evil are relative, depending on what an individual seeks and avoids. In other words, an act can be good in some circumstances but evil in other circumstances.

The same principle can apply to your portfolio when deciding between...

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