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Academic studies, financial news, and our own writings about index investing, investment trends, and the best ways to prepare and thrive during retirement.


Want to spend a little more time with our investment strategies? Our investment bookshelf features the acclaimed work of our founder, Rick Ferri, CFA. Both novice and advanced investors can benefit from the full range of his insightful writings.

Protecting Your Wealth in Good Times and Bad

Markets go up. Markets go down. And somehow in that never-ending cycle, you have to invest and save wisely enough to keep your family safe from financial worry. Protecting Your Wealth in Good Times and Bad outlines a practical, easy-to-understand financial plan calculated to help you grow and protect your family’s savings while easing your money concerns and crises—today, tomorrow, and throughout a long, happy, and healthy retirement.

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Serious Money: Straight Talk About Investing for Retirement

Serious Money explains why stockbrokers, investment firms, financial consultants and the mass media do not always have your best interests at heart. In this hard-hitting book,  Rick Ferri takes the investment industry to task for spending too much effort on selling and too little on meeting the needs of serious investors.

  • Find out why “beat the market” strategies almost always fail
  • Learn how management fees and commission costs erode your earnings
  • Understand the ulterior motive driving most investment advice

It’s time to take charge of your financial future and leave the gimmicks, false promises, “miracle” stories and media hype of today’s investment frenzy behind. Ferri maps out the steps you need to develop an actionable approach to investing for retirement.

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The ETF Book: All You Need to Know About Exchange-Traded Funds, Updated Edition

When the original edition of The ETF Book was first published in 2007, it immediately became a source for cutting-edge information on many exchange-traded products (ETPs)—mainly exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

This detailed, yet clearly articulated guide helps readers navigate the growing number of ETPs available in today’s market. Divided into four comprehensive parts, this updated edition of The ETF Book introduces you to everything from bond funds, commodities funds and currency funds to concepts such as actively managed ETFs that have recently become a reality. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable insight into how you can effectively integrate ETFs into any investment portfolio.

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All About Index Funds: The Easy Way to Get Started, Second Edition

Everything you need to know about index funds, including:

  • The advantages of index funds over other mutual funds
  • How to use index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for effective asset allocation
  • All the tools and techniques you need to invest successfully using index funds

The updated second edition of Rick Ferri’s All About Index Funds offers individual investors an easy-to-use guide for investing in index funds. This portfolio-building resource provides essential information on index funds; expert advice on how to start investing; and strategies for potentially better returns over the long-term with lower risk.

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The Power of Passive Investing: More Wealth with Less Work.

Filled with in-depth insights and expert research, this reliable resource offers practical guidance on creating a sound, long-term investment plan—within a framework of controlled risk—and helps clarify and quantify the purpose of investing along the way. Containing dozens of historical studies covering several decades and financial markets, it will clearly show you how passive investors who buy the market can capture better results than most active investors who try to beat the market.

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All About Asset Allocation: The Easy Way to Get Started, Second Edition

All About Asset Allocation covers everything you need to know about asset allocation, including how to:

  • Implement a smart asset allocation strategy
  • Diversify your investments with stocks, bonds, real estate and other asset classes
  • Change your allocation and lock in gains

When it comes to investing for your future, there’s only one sure bet—asset allocation. Trying to outwit the market is a bad gamble. If you’re serious about investing for the long run, you have to take a no-nonsense, businesslike approach to your portfolio.

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