The Roth IRA Tool Chest Series: The Roth "Emergency Bin"

The Roth IRA is most often viewed as a retirement tool. That makes sense, since “IRA” stands for Individual Retirement Account. Just because it is called a retirement account, however, doesn’t mean it can’t be used in other ways. In fact, there are features built into the Roth IRA that make it perfect for many other uses. This article is the first of a series that will discuss many efficient, creative and often overlooked ideas related to the Roth IRA.

Brokers as Fiduciaries?

On April 6, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor issued new rules requiring brokers to act in the best interestsof their clients – when advising on retirement accounts. As a Portfolio Solutions® client, you can rest assured that we act in your best interests AT ALL TIMES, whether related to your retirement accounts, taxable accounts or any other financial guidance we help you with. This is because Portfolio Solutions® has always operated as a Registered Investment Advisor, regulated by the U.S.

Market Update - January 2016

Once again, investment markets are acting like investment markets. We understand that the day-to-day numbers and sensationalized media coverage may be disconcerting, but we want to reassure you that this short-term volatility is a natural and healthy part of the market cycle.

Active versus Passive Investing

There are two roads an investor can follow when managing an investment portfolio: active management and passive management. Active management is when investors use stock picking and market timing techniques to try to outperform specific benchmarks. In contrast, passive management refers to a strategy where investors buy index funds that attempt to replicate the return of a specific benchmark.

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