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You Get: Lower Fees.


Less fees coming out of your portfolio means more money working for you.  That's why we are so committed to index investing, and it's why we keep our fees low.

Low Fees

A management fee and only a management fee.

We do not receive any commissions or bonuses on the investments we use in your accounts. There are no start-up fees, annual administration fees or hidden costs. That’s just the way we like it: simple, transparent, unbiased and working for you.

The average actively managed mutual fund costs eight times more than the average index fund.

-Investment Company Institute 2017 Fact Book

How we keep our costs low. 

We don’t skimp; we do it right. We employ investment professionals who not only know investments, they know how to listen. We use the latest investment technologies and databases. Our goal is to meticulously research and select funds and ETFs for the best overall asset class representation at the lowest expense. Finally, we’ve negotiated low trading costs with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab). That way, transaction fees will have less impact on your returns.