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Meet the Experts* at Portfolio Solutions®

We are pleased to introduce Anthony Watson, our Chief Investment Officer, as part of our “Meet the Experts” series.

Tony has nearly twenty years of financial services industry experience. As the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, Tony has responsibility over portfolio management and trading operations at Portfolio Solutions®. He works to ensure client portfolios are being managed in an efficient and effective manner to help clients meet their investment objectives. Tony also conducts research and education and serves as the Chair of the Portfolio Solutions® Investment Committee.

Tony’s investment industry journey began in college.

“Like many attracted to the investment industry, I thought that I could obtain special knowledge that would allow me to be a “smart” investor. I wanted to be able to pick superior investments and become wealthy,” he recalled.“ After earning both a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation and then an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, I was disappointed to find that there was no special knowledge one could obtain to outsmart markets. That led me to index investing, in which investors own holdings that replicate a benchmark in order to earn that benchmark’s returns.”

On his enthusiasm for the Portfolio Solutions® investment philosophy, Tony says:

“I am passionate about our investment philosophy because we don’t gamble with the future of our clients’ portfolios. I have seen investors miss out on significant market returns because they fell prey to an active manager’s pitch and agreed to pay high costs in return for the small chance of earning a return above that of the market. While some get lucky, the vast majority do not. I take pride in our approach, which helps clients achieve their longterm financial goals through lowcost index investing solutions.

“And with our recent service offering upgrades, we now provide a full spectrum of wealth management and financial advisory services. I’m more excited than ever to help our clients invest with confidence.”

Tony is especially passionate about forming deep relationships with clients and individuals looking to become clients, and educating them along the way about the benefits of index investing.

“Aside from working with a great group of colleagues and the joy of getting to know our clients and their success stories, I really enjoy working with individuals interested in becoming a client,” Tony says. “It is especially satisfying to analyze their portfolios and show potential clients all of the costs and risks they are really taking and what we can do to help them. Oftentimes we are able to significantly reduce the total cost of investment management while taking less risk in client portfolios. This means a lot to someone planning or trying to live off 4.0% or less of their portfolio in retirement, as they can likely improve their standard of living without increasing the odds of running out of money.”

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*The use of the word “Experts” does not confer a particular designation or educational credential of the supervised person. It is used to depict the dedication the individual has to the profession, special qualifications in a certain area of finance or financial planning, mandatory completion of rigorous exams, as well as having worked in a particular field for several years.