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Webinar Replay: Why Index Investing Makes Sense in All Market Conditions

Using short-term market information to invest for the long term is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Daily market conditions are erratic, which makes it hard to see how you can make successful investment decisions to reach a relatively stable long-term goal, such as retirement.

When you ignore the short-term noise and take a longer view, the big picture becomes clear. All investments have specific risk and return profiles they eventually follow. Over time, market returns tend to behave more predictably.  Therefore, you don’t have to worry about current market conditions; instead, you can invest when you have the money and sell when you need it.

Consider that the majority of investors following active investing strategies have been shown to underperform in the long run. Why? The primary reason has less to do with market conditions and more to do with something you can actually control – cost. Investors should consider using low-cost index funds for their long-term goals.

We encourage you to see how index investing makes sense for your long-term financial goals by watching the replay of our recent webinar, posted here in its entirety. Tony Watson, Chief Investment Officer, explains “Why Index Investing Makes Sense in All Market Conditions.”