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When Should I Invest?

Markets move swiftly. No one knows if they will rise or fall. Everything from economics to geopolitics can send the bulls running or bring the bears out of hibernation. Add in the noise from the financial media and it seems as if every day is a time to buy or a time to sell, or both at once. The speed and uncertainty can leave you feeling like you’re stuck waiting along a railroad for the right moment to jump aboard a passing train.

So, when should you invest?

You may be surprised to hear the answer in this video from Mike Palazzolo, senior investment specialist at Portfolio Solutions. As he explains, the question you should really be answering is: Why do I want to invest? That’s because current market conditions generally have less influence on your long-term financial goals than it appears.

In the time it takes for the market to go up, down, and back again, you will learn from this video why having your financial goals in place means there’s no reason to remain standing still.